Some of the general areas I serve:

  General Building Structures Pre-Engineered Building Foundations   Structural Steel  Roof & Floor Framing   Reinforced Concrete Structural Light Gage Metal Framing   Masonry Process Equipment Towers   Wood & Timber Framing Retaining Walls    Building Foundations Roof & Floor Capacity Analysis   Machine & Equipment Foundations Forensics & Legal Service Reports   Raft & Mat Foundations Structural Condition Assessments        

Forensics, repairs and alterations are a major market for us.  There are many buildings that can be modified to provide enhanced usage or new usage at a sizable economic savings over new buildings. My “Condition Assessment” can help make the early decisions.

If you are having any technical issues with your building structure, or making alterations, additions, changing occupancy or load conditions, give us a call. I provide Full Structural Engineering Services from concept to final construction and below are some areas I can typically provide specific and customized engineering:

Commercial Projects:

I can provide support service for your Architect or assist in your selection of the entire design team, every project is unique and early input from the Engineers is a big plus for the project suitability and economy. General structural services in this arena:

  Selection of Building Type  Roof & Floor Capacities   Preliminary Concept Design Glass Wall Framing   New Building Design Atriums   Building Additions New Facades or Repairs   Foundations Repairs & Reinforcing     

Industrial Projects:

Working in the manufacturing arena is a specialty like no other. A building addition may be significant in size and space , but the infrastructure for a heavy machine can narrow the selection of engineers you want on your team. Having worked with most of the manufacturers in the area, I have provided from the most basic rated floor slabs to the heavy (850 ton to date) machine press foundations and supporting structures.

  Equipment Foundations Concrete Equipment Pads   Roof Top Structures Mezzanines   Equipment Enclosures Overhead Cranes   Overhead Conveyors Floor Ratings   HVAC Equipment Supports Fall Protection Framing   Access & Service Platforms Loading Docks   Containment Structures Framing Alterations     

Institutional Projects:

Our institutional Clients maintain perhaps some of the finest and oldest building of both architectural and engineering significance in the northeast. This remains our approach to any work on these buildings. With age comes wisdom and having worked on these systems in the 70’s and 80’s provides an insight and understanding not available to the average designer. My Clients remain Cornell University, Ithaca College, Ithaca City School District (South Hill, Enfield, Newfield, Boynton schools – additions and renovation). I offer support to your Architect or can assist you in your selection of a design team specific to your project.

  Additions Elevator Structures   Usage & Classification Changes Alterations   HVAC Roof Top Structures Building Code Issues   Floor Capacities Façade Repairs   Bearing Wall Alterations Roof Replacements   Storm Damage Moisture/Water Infiltration      

Residential Clients

Engineering in the residential market has grown considerable in the last 10 to 15 years. Perhaps the high cost of construction, a more aggressive requirement for code compliance, a greater mix of non-typical designs has resulted in a professional guidance. Although many homes are less complex, smaller and lighter than commercial projects, the fundamentals of engineering standards and practice remain the same. For custom designs, additions, difficult site locations, canned plans (designed out of state) the requirement for professional guidance seams essential. I can provide assistance to your Architect or assist you directly in your design. Permit drawings are usually required for structural alterations, additions and certainly new constructions.



Permit Drawings and Documents.


Foundation Remediation: water, moisture infiltration, displaced walls, cracks etc.


Real-estate Requirements: lending agent, realtor, buyer/seller condition assessments.


Interior alteration affecting bearing walls, beams, columns, floor penetrations


Roof capacity ratings including reinforcing and stabilization for improperly constructed systems.


Pre-Designed Plans (Canned Plans) certifications for New York State Building Code.


Pre-Design Plans: Owner directed modifications including re-draw if required. 




Building Owners:

The  general category of Building Owners covers a wide variety of types and issues.  Alterations and repurposing of existing buildings certainly exceeds the  number of new constructions in our community. In today’s economic environment, early technical guidance has a sizable  effect on project costs & schedule. Prior to general building  drawings/construction documents, I find our Condition Assessment service to provide the inexpensive advantage of  direction (often including a selection on solutions), schedule advantage and  economy for our Clients.

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